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Guidelines & Requirements for Applying

1. NEW application deadline is February 20, 2024. Applications must be completed online and submitted through the GetAcceptd website.


2. Incomplete, late, or fraudulent applications will not be considered, and there is no refund of the application fee. The Competition recommends that applications be submitted well in advance of the deadline to avoid any confusion with dates or times.


3. We are happy and honored to announce that due to a very generous anonymous donor in El Paso, Texas, the application fee has been lowered to $50 for a set number of applicants! The donor is excited to have this competition in El Paso, and has offered to pay $100 of the $150 application fee so that young pianists will only pay $50 to enter. Currently, we have 23 slots still available for this discounted fee. If an applicant has already submitted, we will reimburse the $100 dollars via Acceptd.A non-refundable application fee of $50 USD will be charged at the time of application submission.


4. The application requires the following:

· Proof of age: a photocopy of one of the following

· birth certificate

· passport

· driver's license

· government-issued photo ID).

· Recent color photograph (headshot) in a high-quality 300 dpi jpeg format.

· Short biography of 150 words or less in a Word document

· Resume or CV of achievements and activities since January 1, 2019. Limit 2 pages.

· Complete repertoire list for all competition stages.

· Recent (within 18 months) video recordings containing the repertoire required for the preliminary round. The video image must show the pianist’s hands while playing and the right side of his/her whole figure. The video may use performances from different recording sessions, but each complete individual work must be recorded in one take. Videos must be uploaded as three separate files - 1) the Etudes, 2) the Nocturne, and 3) the free choice(s) by composers other than Chopin. Label each file with applicant’s name, name of work, and composer. For example: JennySmith_Etudes_Chopin.mp4 or MJohnson_Sonata17_Beethoven.mp4.

NOTE: Applicants should utilize the best possible video and audio equipment to record the application files. These files represent the first and only opportunity for applicants to display their pianistic capabilities to the section Jury and should be of the highest possible quality to create a positive impression. Be sure your setting and attire are professional and appropriate, your piano is in good tune, and the sound quality accurately reflects your musicality. For best sound quality, use external microphones (mounted independently of camera). Listen to and watch the video files before uploading to guarantee the quality of the recording.

Or scan Qr Code

GetAcceptd 2024 qr-code (12).png
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