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Voting System

The Borderland Chopin International Competition believes in fair and equal assessment of the contestants with the utmost transparency. The jury members are not allowed to talk or discuss the competitors' performances prior to voting. Votes are collected from each judge and tallied by the Executive Director. We are using a new mathematically-based scoring system designed by a Polish mathematician, Dr. Krzysztof Kontek,  from SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Prof. Kevin Kenner from the University of Miami Frost School of Music, that will perform all the calculations for the algorithms. 

The jury’s decisions are not subject to appeal. The Competition Directors’ decisions are final on all matters outside the jurisdiction of the Competition jury.

Merope score

Merope Score is a comprehensive tool for ensuring fairness and integrity in the scoring process of music competitions. This unique application on the market has been designed for calculating the results of music competitions in a way that prevents potential manipulations by jurors. 

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